H.E. Ambassador Jacob Dominguez Castillo is a Panamanian Businessman that joined the Foreign Service when the new elected President of the Republic of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela Rodriguez designated him as the Ambassador of Panama to the Republic of South Africa in 2015. His Excellency Dominguez Castillo comes from the Los Santos Province, one of the most productive regions in the country where he grew up and studied in its Capital. Las Tablas until 1978. He then went on to study his college years at the Catholic school, Saint Francis Preparatory School in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania where he graduated with honors in 1981.

The Ambassador continued his studies at the University of Miami, Florida, USA where he obtained his BA in Economics and Finance with a Minor focused on Political Science in May 1985. After his post University internship at The Chase Manhattan Bank he returned to Panama in 1986 and registered at the Catholic University Santa Maria La Antigua in the Faculty of Law and Political Science where he studied until 1988. He travelled to Europe where he lived and studied French at the Eurocentre Language school ​​Paris and the Alliance Francaise. Thereafter, he studied Romance languages, Italian at the La Scuola Di, Dante Alighieri Society. In later years, He completed additional studies of Portuguese at the Do Brasil Cultural Center in Africa.

He returned to Panama in late 1994, where he entered the University of Oklahoma at the Albrook Campus where he studied expertise in matters of International Relations. Additionally H.E. Dominguez Castillo had the opportunity to make a certification of High Trade Negotiations in 2000 at the Management & Business School IAE Universidad Austral in Pilar, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Before his appointment as distinguished diplomat of the Republic of Panama, H.E. Dominguez Castillo had worked in high decision making level positions in the Latin American region for large multinational companies such as Nestle, Unilever, Best Western Hotels and Dell Computers.

In addition to his Private Sector work experience, the Ambassador Dominguez Castillo also participated in the Panamanian public sector, in 1995 at the Social Security Authority (CSS) where heat a national level, spearheaded its portfolio and further expanded the Collections and Economic Benefits Agencies to reach greater areas and provide the much needed financial services for its customers. In 2002, at the Interoceanic Regional Authority, he joined the think tank marketing team in charge of drafting and executing a long term Strategical Plan for the former Howard Air Force Base, having achieved a great success with what is today: The Agency of Special Economic Area Panama Pacifico.

Ambassador Dominguez Castillo currently leads our diplomatic missions in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.

The mission headquarters are in Pretoria, South Africa where he resides with his wife, Felisa Eugenia and her three children, Marcela Victoria, Jacob Guillermo and Luisa Fernanda.